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My Big Fat Black Penis Transplant

Written By Billy Sick

71 year old multi millionairre Hubert Chuff, of Miami, became the worlds first recipient of a cosmetic penis transplant recently, when his own organ was replaced with a 12 incher from an African donor known only as “Albert”

The operation – lasting 4 hours – was carried out an an un-named hospital in Switzerland, and involved swopping Mr Chuffs own penis with that of 28 year old African “Albert”. According to medical reports the operation went smoothly, with both patient and donor making rapid progress. Rumours circulating in the medical community suggest that Mr Chuff paid “Albert” $20,000 for his penis, an amount which is many years income for most Africans.

Medical experts however have pointed to possible complications, including heart attacks, when an erection too large for the elderly mans blood supply occurs, thus depriving his other organs of blood.

Human rights campaigners are outraged at what is seen as exploiting the poor and impoverished of the third world, and many believe that this could be the latest fad in the murky underground world of black market organ harvesting.

Although Mr Chuff, who is white, must look a little odd with 12 inches of black cock slapping around between his wrinkled thighs, we can certainly see the appeal in such a transplant. After all, what man would rather have a 2 inch, shrivelled lump that looks like a sleeping mouse lurking in his pants?

Mr Chuffs 27 year old trophy wife, Marilyn Porsche-Chuff, certainly seems to think it was a wise decision as she was wearing a huge grin when reporters recently snapped her leaving the Swiss Hilton, on the arm of a huge colored gentleman who was almost certainly her bodyguard, to visit her hospitalized husband.


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    Fuck me with that

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    I own a 11.9 inch long and fully thick natural black american man dick. Mine curves to the left when it gets hard. It is a good handful, about 7 inches in thick girth. I have used it quite a bit but won’t mind surrendering to someone who might desperately need it for a tidy sum of money.
    Any takers?

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