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Firemen Rescue Boy Stuck in Toilet

Written By Billy Sick

2 year old Callum Jones of Wakefield found himself at the center of an emergency rescue operation after becoming wedged in the family toilet.

The inquisitive boy, just learning to use the toilet on his own, apparently dropped a chocolate bar into the bowl whilst peeing, and clambered into the toilet in an attempt to retrieve it. In the process, both of his feet became wedged in the u-bend.

Firemen were called after Callums family heard the terrified youngsters crying and screams. Eventually, after draining the water from the system, and forcing large amounts of lubricant into the cistern, they were able to free the terrified infant.

Although left physically unscathed by the accident, it is understood that Callum now has nightmares about toilets, and absolutely refuses to use the bathroom, instead using either a potty or the kitchen sink for his toilet needs.

Callum should count himself lucky. At least he only got his feet wedged in a toilet filled with his pee, it could have been so much worse for him – and the firemen – if he’d got wedged after taking a crap.


  • xZeroiDx said:

    Its a bit “young” for the one-eyed-toilet-monster, or is that taken from a scene of the Leathal Weapon remake?

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